The Real Reason It's Better to Be Married

bridget jones singleLet's be honest. When you're living the single life, you wish The One would arrive and offer a one way ticket off the dating roller coaster. But once you're in a relationship, you might get a bit sentimental about first kisses and first date butterflies. The grass is always greener, right? But ladies, SNAP OUT OF IT. Being single stinks! And now, we have hard evidence in the form of dollars and cents.

A new British study (which likely translates across the pond) done by Co-operatives UK says that embracing your inner Bridget Jones and being a "singleton" will cost you £3,500 more than if you were married. Living alone costs just under £14,000 a year on average, including bills and non-essential items like nights out and a gym membership. But those living in a "multi-person household" only have to cough up about £10,500 annually, since they're splitting items like utility bills and gas.


What the study didn't explicitly say is that you don't have to live with a romantic partner to save. (You could shack up with your little sis!)

That said, singles probably do spend more on certain items. Like $12 cocktails/Brazilian waxes/slutty lingerie to impress a date, friend with benefits, or hookup. But hey, all that moolah may be very well spent if you're not forced to live with/split those bills with someone you can't stand don't love with all your heart!

Why do you think singles spend more on the cost of living?


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