20 People You Must Kiss Today (VIDEO)

good video kissing factsHappy International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day! Who knew that every year, July 6 is devoted to the art and practice of smooches? I guess it makes sense. Since everyone loves doing it, why shouldn't there be a day dedicated to it? (Although, it does have me wondering why there isn't a day devoted to other, ahem, physical pleasures in life? Ha!)

Of course, there are many ways one might choose to celebrate Kissing Day. But here's a good place to start: 20 people you should definitely offer a kiss -- be it a peck on the cheek or a full-on smacker -- in honor of the holiday (in no particular order) ...

  1. Your dear hubby (or boyfriend).
  2. Your BFF.
  3. Your kid(s).
  4. Your kid's best teacher.
  5. YOUR favorite teacher. (If you can track 'em down, of course. Otherwise, you could send a virtual XO via Facebook or email!)
  6. Your dog or cat or both.
  7. Your hairstylist.
  8. Your esthetician. (She deserves it for waxing or threading what she does!)
  9. Your mom.
  10. Your dad.
  11. Your mother-in-law. (Yes, even if she drives you nutso.)
  12. Your siblings.
  13. Your siblings-in-law.
  14. Your favorite barista who gets that cappuccino foam just right.
  15. The co-worker who puts up with all your venting and always has your back.
  16. Your least annoying neighbor.
  17. The IT guy who saves your computer.
  18. Your grandparents.
  19. The couple you and your man have the most fun hanging out with.
  20. Your yoga or spinning or dance instructor. (Or personal trainer if you're that lucky!) 

And just for kicks, here's a great video filled with classic kisses and facts about kissing from Good magazine:

Whom do you plan to kiss today?


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