Jessica Biel Shouldn't Have Taken Justin's Sexy Back

justin timberlake & jessica bielI guess Mila Kunis, Ashley Olsen, Olivia Wilde, and Olivia Munn all said thanks but no thanks to Justin Timberlake -- the Friends With Benefits star is now rumored to be back together with ex-girlfriend Jessica Biel. According to Us Weekly, Justin and Jess have started seeing each other again on the sly. On July 3 they were spotted sharing tacos together at a restaurant in Toronto. Nothing says "will you take my sexy back" more than a plate full of tortilla and meat.

Justin and Jessica had dated for four years prior to their March 2011 breakup, and it seemed that the split was for good since JT had his hands on Mila's breasts and was reported to be hooking up with Ashley Olsen at an NYC bar. But turns out the separation wasn't forever.

Is it ever a good idea to take a short break from a long-term relationship?


It depends on the reason for the break. If it's to buy yourselves a few weeks, or a few months, to get your head straight and to figure out if your partner is worth keeping or worth fighting for, then I don't see anything wrong with it. It's not my style, but I could see how that would be beneficial. I personally don't like any sort of gray-areas or, as The Bachelorette villain Bentley put it, any "dot dot dots," because I like boundaries and definitions.

Anyway! If the break was meant to give each partner a hall pass to cheat or to see how attractive they're found in the dating pool, I don't think that's a solid reason. A break should be about seeing if it's just not possible to live without the other person, and to find out if the issues you're facing in the relationship are worth overcoming. Again, breaks aren't for sleeping with the hot short-haired girl with earrings that works at the Copy Center, ahem, Ross Geller. "We were on a break!" isn't a good enough excuse.

If Justin and Jessica really are back together after this four-month break, I hope it's for the right reasons, and not because JT was turned down by some ladies. I don't think Jess should have taken him back, but clearly I'm not in the know. I hope they're back together because they realized they liked their lives more when they were together rather than apart, and that they're willing to face the problems that led to the split to begin with.

Do you think Justin and Jessica should get back together?

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