A Man’s Ring Finger Holds More Info Than You Think

man handWe now have more than one reason to check out a man's ring finger. A Korean study has recently found that the ratio of length between a man's index finger and his ring finger may indicate the size of his penis. Forget large hands, feet, and noses: we need to start paying attention to his digits.

The study of 144 men found that the lower the ratio was between those two fingers, the larger the penis was. So in most men's cases, the smaller the index finger, the bigger the endowment. I would like 10 years of my life back please -- this study changes everything.


All those years I spent measuring strangers' feet and judging by the size of gloves, and for what? Nothing. Turns out this index/ring finger ratio actually has some science behind it, too. A variety of previous studies has discovered that the lengths of those two fingers are related to prenatal exposure to sexual hormones and testosterone. Guess it wouldn't be that far off base to think that penis size could be related, too.

The weirdest part of this whole story is not that I've bought myself a pair of binoculars and will be checking out the man hands on my subway commute home, but how the scientists, uh, tested their subjects.

The 144 men involved in the research each had urological surgery, and during pre-op, when the men were out cold on the operating table, one doctor measured the finger ratio while the other measured the flaccid penis, then tugged the penis to its maximum length and measured again. Note to self: do not undergo surgery in Incheon, Korea, lest I want my genitals manhandled.

While I haven't heard of any complaints from the patients, the study did, in fact, serve the greater good, I suppose. So ladies, don't let all those penile tuggings in that South Korean hospital go to waste: Remember that the smaller the ratio between a man's index finger and his ring finger means a bigger penis. Admit it. You'll look.

What do you think?

Photo via publicenergy/Flickr

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