Where to Hide Your Sex Toys So Your Kids Don't Find Them (VIDEO)

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Some people hide their sex toys under mattresses or in suitcases in closets. Some keep theirs in their nightstand or under the bed, or high in a cabinet where their children can't reach. But children can climb, and in-laws are (often) taller. What would you do if your children, or anyone in your family, found your sex toys?


There was an IKEA commercial a few years back banned in North America that showed a little boy playing with his trucks and plastic animals and ... a big silver vibrator. Yes, a vibrator! Check it out ...


Hilarious, but terribly cringe-worthy if that has happened to you. It happened to Dawn Tulman. She knew she needed tighter security when her then 4-year-old daughter discovered her vibrator and began asking, "Mommy, what's this?" The toy, hidden in her nightstand and wrapped in a t-shirt, was still not hidden enough. She created ToiBocks, which looks like an ordinary wooden jewelry box, but it has a secret compartment with a hidden lock mechanism.


DevineToys also makes a series of toy boxes in satin, faux leather, and lace, to keep all your private things safe. Lined with a satin inside, the box isn't only pretty, but the chrome key lock keeps your prying child from gaining easy access. 

sex toy box
Devine Toys

For Your Nymphomation has also hopped on the toy box bandwagon (first image seen at top) making boxes and toy chests for larger sex toys, too. Sleek and stylish and designed with BDSM and kinky folks in mind, if you like floggers or other larger sex accessories, this is the go-to place, and case, for you. And if you need sex toys to go in your kit, check out FYN's Lust in Case, where you can buy both the case and the toys to go in it, too. 

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Lust in Case

Where do you hide your sex toys?

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