Really, Tea Leoni? Even I Saw This Coming

david duchovnyIf at first you marry a sex-addict and you separate after years of marriage, do not try, try again. Reps for Tea Leoni and David Duchovny confirm that the couple, who've been married 11 years, has separated ... again. The two took a break from their marriage back in 2008 when David checked into rehab for being a sex addict, but were reunited a year later.

To use one of the most overused phrases to date: Really, Tea? Really? Really. Really? Tea. Really? I'm no FBI agent who investigates paranormal phenomena (see what I did there), but even I saw this coming.


David is just one of those dudes who will never settle down. I have no doubt he loves Tea (I mean, I know them really personally -- I read about them in gossip magazines and blogs, and occasionally dine with them when they're on Access Hollywood and I'm eating my Kashi meal), but I also have no doubt he loves his freedom more.

We've all met, heck, even dated guys like David. You know the type: The super-smart, good-looking Princeton men who got published in national poetry reviews, played JV sports, and all-around charmed the pants off every woman he met (all things David did). And we all know that guys like that don't stick around.

They don't openly break your heart, they'll just leave for the summer to volunteer in India, never to be heard from again. David strikes me as this type of guy -- one that once you've fallen in love with him, he considers his work done and moves on. He's conceited enough that he'll want you to love him forever, so he won't let you find out about his affairs or indiscretions. He'll want to remain forever on the pedestal you built for him and would rather check into sex addiction rehab and allow you some part in "fixing him" before ever letting you decide you dislike him.

If Tea and David are just taking some time, again, to figure out if their marriage is worth saving, again, I call shenanigans. David is just looking for some freedom, again, and Tea needs to let him go, this time for real.

Do you think Tea and David are good together?

Photo via greginhollywood/Flickr

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