How to Have a One Night Stand With Your Partner

I've never been much for the one-night stand. It's always felt too impersonal, especially when I can't remember his name the next morning. Or when, upon bumping into each other on the street, I've had to ask the awkward question, "How do I know you again?" I'm obviously not very good at remembering the "who" part of a one-nighter, making me less inclined to visit the "what" part again. BUT, one-night stands aren't all bad. In fact they're better than affairs, and sometimes only slightly less intimate than relationships. According to a study, there's more hand-holding and kissing in a one-night stand. More kink, too. 

I prefer sex while in a relationship these days, but, like Duran Duran sang, a one-night stand can be Paradise (listen to "Rio" for the lyric). Even better, it can be fun if you try it in your relationship. With your partner. I'm not talking cheating either. Here's how:


Feel like a stranger. Let's start out with the most obvious way to make change. Change how you look. Find a wig with a cut and color you've always wanted to try but could never quite commit to. If you are blonde, wear a jet black wig. Dark hair ladies, go with platinum or fiery red. Have fun with this and your partner will, too.

Play dress-up. Both of you. Have him wear a pimp suit and you wear a short skirt. Or, you wear a pimp suit and have him dress in a short skirt if that's your thing. Then role-play. Go with any kind of costume, then create scenarios. "Meet" in your backyard (the new neighbor!) or in your basement (the robber!) or even in your car (the hitchhiker!). 

Get your freak on. A one-night stand allows you to try something you've always been curious about, but afraid of being judged for. Bring out that "get out of a jail free" attitude and do more than talk about your deepest fantasies or a position that's piqued your curiosity. 

Have you ever had a one-night stand with your partner?


Image via angryjuliemonday/Flickr

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