Learn to Love Your Lady Parts With This Song (VIDEO)

If you want better sex, one of the best ways to get there is to get to know your lady parts. For many women, the vagina is a gross place and they can't imagine why any man would dare put his hand down there, let alone his face or most intimate parts.

This is why all we ladies need a little lesson in how to love our vaginas.

Lucky for us, there is just the song to help us on that path. "Love Your Vaginawas created by Mooncup, a company that makes silicone menstrual cups. Last year they asked women to submit their favorite nicknames for their vaginas and now they've released a song using them. The song is available via iTunes with the proceeds going to charity, but really, it's the message that matters.

See below:


Without getting to know your most intimate of parts, it's nearly impossible to really let loose and enjoy sex. There IS a reason your man is willing to go down there and put his face in it and it isn't just for his benefit.

Do yourself a favor, grab a mirror, take off your pants, and take a look. Not so scary, huh? Knowing how your body works and responds and looks is good sense both in terms of your sex life and also just your general health.

Men love their penises. There is a reason little boys infamously love to streak. They want to show it off! For some reason little girls are less pleased with their parts. We need to change that for their sake and ours. So ladies, yes. "Love, love, love your vagina. Love that special place inside."

You will be happy you did. Promise!

Do you love your vagina?

Image via YouTube

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