The World’s Worst Divorce Excuse

the marriage refWe all know that reality TV has played a key role in the ruining of today's society. Despite its gloriousness (and it really is glorious), watching the Real Housewives bicker and the cast of Jersey Shore use the smoosh room has not done us well. We think drinking to excess is perfectly normal and buying $2,000 hair extensions isn't extravagant. It has made us bad people. And despite my love for the stuff, I will not defend anything about these shows other than their sheer entertainment value. Except when a dude says reality TV broke up his marriage.

Howie Kohlenberg and his wife Christine appeared on Jerry Seinfeld's The Marriage Ref last year, and now, after 14 years of marriage, she's walking out on him and their 4-year-old son. Kohlenberg doesn't accept any responsibility for his divorce. Instead he blames "Jerry, Mr. Billionaire. And his show."


Howie says that after doing the show, his wife got totally obsessed with being famous. He claims that after experiencing the "glamour of being a reality show contestant," she started getting Botox, wanted to do Playboy, and had sudden aspirations to be an actress. Howie feels that these things were the nails in his marriage's coffin. I say he's crazy.

First off, let's state the obvious: They were going on a show about couples having marital problems, for crying out loud! Saying The Marriage Ref is responsible for their divorce is one of the most delusional statements one could ever make. It doesn't make sense. That would be like me saying, "I'm going to the gynecologist tonight, so I better pet my dog." Wha?

Second of all, let's get real for a second. Couples don't ever break up over one incident (unless that incident is cheating). When something happens in a relationship, it's preceded by a slew of other things, or "clues." If Howie and his wife chose to ignore them, that's their (his) problem.

It's like anything in life. You don't want to wait 'til the last second to fix something -- whether it's cleaning your room, paying your bills, or saving your marriage. Ignoring the problem isn't going to make it go away. And if Howie really is totally blindsided by this divorce, I can only imagine what other problems he's ignoring in life.

As for his wife, well, she sounds like a real piece of work. A piece of work who just might be highly entertaining in a spin-off.

Do you think The Marriage Ref is responsible for Howie's divorce?


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