Massive Bridal Party FAIL Makes Good Memories (VIDEO)

Don't tell this to Bridezilla, but some of the most memorable and hilarious parts of any wedding are the unplanned "mistakes." And while no bride ever wants to see her perfect day "ruined," the perspective of nearly a decade of marriage tells me that the worst parts of your perfect day often turn out to be the funniest.

And let's sure hope that someone lets the poor groomsman whose fall made this June wedding go viral in on the secret. This happened last week and among wedding entrances, this bridal party's is probably one of the most memorable.

See for yourself:


That looks like it hurt! Hopefully the bride and groom have a sense of humor and can laugh off this little stumble because I am quite sure the poor guy is embarrassed enough for everyone.

At my own wedding, which was now more than eight years ago, the most memorable moment was when our wasted friend fell on the dance floor and left on a stretcher, went to the hospital, and had his stomach pumped. I think I may have this groomsman beat.

At the time I was mortified and furious, but eight years later, it's the main story we tell about our wedding, usually with the tag-line: "Our wedding was the BEST party ever!" So there. A little stumble, a little drunken debauchery, and a little drama make for a good wedding story.

What was you best wedding moment?


Image via YouTube

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