Why Women Don't Think About Sex

woman looking at nude statueI think about sex a lot more often than the average woman, perhaps even more than men. I am, after all, a paid sex educator so I kind of have to. But I wondered, do I think about sex too much? So I kept a tally.

During the day on Friday I thought about sex before a lot due to work. At dinner, sex was minimally on my brain due to food. After dinner, at a bar with friends, sex thoughts were there, but so was sleep. Saturday I had a wedding and I thought about sex at least three times an hour between 1 p.m. and midnight. Who doesn't think about sex at a wedding?

On Sunday I thought about sex a little less, but not much. It was still very much on my mind. Maybe it's because I'm feeling sexy these days, which has a lot to do with how often women think about sex.


Women think less about sex when they think less of themselves. It makes sense. If you feel ugly or frumpy, then sex will be the last thing on your mind. Also women who believe that thinking about sex is "unladylike," won't fantasize about getting it on. The guiltier she feels about sex, the more negative she feels about sexually explicit material and the more closed she is about talking and thinking about sex.

We didn't need a study to tell us that, right?

The not-so-duh part is that women, on average, think about sex as much as men. Typically, women think about sex once every two hours, whereas guys think about it every hour. And the reason we think about it less is because we have more hang-ups about ourselves than men do.

How often do you think about sex? Does it depend on you feel about yourself?

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