Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer Prove Marriage Can Bite

Anna Paquin is having a good couple of years. She married hottie Stephen Moyer, her show True Blood is a hit (and returns Sunday night!), and she is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. No doubt she is a hot commodity.

And now, the news that she lets her husband bite the breasts of other women is probably making every man in the US wish she were his wife. She's hot AND open! Where does a guy have to look to find that woman?

It turns out that Moyer, who plays sexy vampire Bill on the show, gets asked frequently to bite the necks and boobs of fans and his wife has given him her blessing.


I have no doubt the two of them have a hot and steamy love life, which is probably largely due to the fact that she gives him freedom. And while not all of us have a contingent of hot women opening their shirts and asking our men to bite them, we can all learn a few things about being more open from Paquin.

Are you the kind of woman who gets jealous when your man looks at another woman? Well, stop that!

The fact is, life is complicated, things aren't black and white, and your man isn't blind. The longer leash you give him, the less he is going to want it. The hottest marriages have the most freedom.

Have you ever hung out with one of those couples where you're pretty sure both would be cool if they were alone, but together they just repress each other? It's not much fun. The fact is, much as you may wish it weren't so, your guy is going to check out other women. And much as you may wish it weren't so, you're going to check out other men.

So why not make it fun? Why get uptight about it? Make a game out of it. Channel your inner Anna Paquin and point out a woman you think is sexy and let your man agree without flipping out. He loves you. He is there with you. So let him be open about things with you.

It may seem unnatural and no one is expecting every woman to invite another woman into bed. Still, loosening the leash a bit is a great way to spice up the marriage and let him know you are cool with him being himself and he can be honest and real with you. The more honesty, the better and the hotter.

Do you and your husband talk honestly?


Image via HBO

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