Things I Learned From Porn That Warp a Man's Mind

i love porn graffiti I've worked peripherally, in porn, on and off, for the last eight years. I began in the industry as a script supervisor (some movies actually have dialogue) under the direction of Candida Royalle, a pioneer in couple's erotica. I went on to produce or direct five porn flicks, some of which I like to believe have some form of educational value. And although over 40 million Americans watch porn, most of us don't ever talk about what we watch.

Whether or not you'd agree with the educational value of porn, or even porn in general, I have learned a lot from my experience working in the industry. While I haven't been on nearly the amount of sets as people who spend their careers in the genre, I've spent more time on set than the average civilian (a term used in porn for people who don't work in the industry). So, I'm giving you a little sneak peek, in words, of what I've learned from porn. Or rather, what porn would lead you to believe is true ... when it really isn't!


1. When penis hits vagina, women orgasmically combust. Even when that's not the case, most actresses seem to have a magical vaginal orgasm. The real deal is, most women don't come from vaginal penetration alone, so if you don't, you're like most women. Approximately 70 percent of women need some form of clitoral stimulation to get off. 

2. Speaking of whom you're having sex with, in porn, sex with strangers is not only acceptable, but it's practically a rite of passage. Especially sex with pizza boys, pool guys, or creepy dudes that are old enough to be your father. How sexy is that?! Not!

3. Women love it when a man comes on her face. In fact, it's where we hope he'll deposit his semen.

4. When you spit on your partner, it's not only sexy, but it's also fantastic lubricant. Yes, spit is nature's lubricant, but when it comes to using it during sex, it lasts about as long as it takes to utter the phrase, "more spit please." Not only is the sound of spit coming out of one's mouth unsexy, but when it's dribbling down your face because you didn't project it far enough, oh yeah, that's a huge turn-on. 

5. Women don't like foreplay. None. Nada. In fact, women prefer sex hard and fast. We like when you pound us until you come, and then we'll lick it up, heck, we'll put it in a cup and drink it. 

Sheesh. I love porn, but it can warp a man's mind into thinking we like things we really don't.

What have you learned from porn that can't be applied to your real sex life?


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