Hugh Hefner Inspires Us With New Girlfriend

crystal harris
When is it OK for Crystal to move on?
Is it the robes? Is it the mansion? A mere 24 days after Crystal Harris realized Hugh wasn't going to die soon enough called off her wedding to Hugh Hefner, Hef has found himself a new girlfriend. Playboy's Miss January 2011, Anna Sophia Berglund, is Hef's new squeeze. The two had a movie night together in his room where they canoodled and kissed. Barf.

I haven't heard whether Crystal has moved on yet, but it sure sounds like Hef wasted no time finding another blonde lady pal after the breakup. How long should one wait after a breakup before dating someone new?


The rule I've always heard is that you divide the length of the relationship by two, then wait that long. So if you dated for six months, you should wait three months to see someone else. If you dated six years, you should wait three years before starting something new.

That's always seemed a little long to me. If you date a guy for six years, then break up, if you follow that rule, it means you will have been out of the dating game for nine years! And a lot can change in nine years. Call me crazy, but if I broke up with my boyfriend of six years, I'd give myself nine months to take a trip, do some yoga, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack, and then you better believe I'd be out there in the marketplace again, hawking whatever's left of what I got going on.

Hugh and Crystal had been dating for a little over a year until earlier this month when she called off their backyard nuptials. Let's pretend for a second that they're a normal couple who actually were in love. I'd say waiting three months before dating someone new would be appropriate. Do you think that's too soon? Obviously Hef didn't even wait six hours before snagging up Anna Sophia, but really, who's surprised by that.

I believe in taking time to heal, but I don't believe in using a breakup as an excuse to hole up in your apartment, swear off men, and watch The Bachelorette 'til your eyes bleed. A few months and a few deep breaths then into the dating pool we all should dive.

What are your rules/philosophies for dating after a breakup?

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