Let Gay Folks Get Married So We Can All Just Love

Gay marriageI am not an armchair politician by any stretch of the imagination. There is plenty that I don’t know, haven’t learned, and just flat out don’t care about. But I do get the connection between how the laws and legislation created right here in D.C. and in other cities down to little enclaves around the country affect my life, your life, e’rybody’s lives.

So what’s the holdup with passing this law in New York legalizing gay marriage? Matter of fact, what’s the holdup with passing a law legalizing gay marriage anywhere? I’m so over hearing about it. Why should someone’s personal agendas and discriminations keep an entire group of people from enjoying the same rights and (depending on who they get hitched to) annoyances that straight folks have?

I just don’t understand it. It seems like a no-brainer, mind-your-business moment. 


I suspect that lawmakers all over who oppose the idea are largely cut from that staunchly religious cloth, believing somehow that they’re holding out on behalf of Team Jesus and giving the face of homosexual sin a good run for its money. But we know — particularly in the wake of Weinergate and Arnold “Watch Your Back or I’ll Make a Love Child With the Housekeeper” Schwarzenegger’s scandal that straight, white, middle-aged men from all faiths aren’t without sinful spot or blemish, either.

They’ve been the main culprits of misdoings since the penis was invented. So for crying out loud, I’m going to need these super judgmental folks to get off their sadiddy high horses about right, wrong, and who’s doing it.

It doesn’t matter if individual lawmakers don’t think it’s morally apropos for a woman to marry a woman or a man to marry a man. That’s between the folks doing the marryin’ and God, if they believe, or their parents or whoever else they answer to if they don’t. As far as I can tell, withholding the right to marry has taken on this kinda “oh well gay people shoulda been straight” vindictiveness. It’s not like punishing your children, when you won’t green-light a certain privilege in order to teach them a lesson. Refusing to authorize gay marriage isn’t going to un-gay anybody.

They won’t give up the LGBT lifestyle if they’re not allowed to exchange vows. They're still going to have sex, they're still going to be attracted to members of the same gender, they're still going to live together, they're still going to lead their lives. And we’ll still be having this debate when there are so many other issues that affect all of us more broadly than what Mark and Carl or Theresa and Tabitha do in the confines of their living quarters.

If barring them from being married ain't stopping them from being gay, what’s the benefit of the ban? An ethically and morally upstanding society untainted by the sinful ways of homosexual married people? Give me a friggin’ break. As if America has ever been an authentically Christian country (cough, cough Native American decimation and oh, cough, cough slavery and Jim Crow).

Matter of fact, I know some knucklehead straight folks who should’ve been barred from getting hitched and having the nerve to haul off and procreate way sooner than some of the gay couples I know.

I agree that society has taken the Sodom and Gomorrah route when it comes to what’s acceptable and what’s glossed over these days. When people can bypass a man lying in the street without stopping — but karate kick somebody like Jimmy Superfly Snuka if they dare touch a lab rat or wear a piece of fur — there’s some terribly wrong. There’s almost zero editing in music and TV anymore, and I find I don’t even bother covering my daughter’s ears or eyes so that I can talk to her about it rather than bar her from it.

But I’ve never had to shield her from a gay couple slobbing each other down in the express lane at Wal-mart or the waiting room in Pep Boys. I’m not sure what lawmakers expect to happen if gay marriage is OKed, whether they’re envisioning an outbreak of horny homosexual lust once the ruling comes down or what. But there is so much more that this energy could be applied to, like the education of our kids, gay, straight, or undecided. Or these doggone gas and housing prices. Or healthcare. Maybe it’s because I’m a broke black woman who can empathize with being told no, can’t do, and uh-uh. But I just feel like it’s time to move on, fix other issues, and let love be love.  

Why are people so afraid of gay marriage?  

Image via Guillaume Paumier/Flickr

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