The Only Time It's OK to Mail Your Panties

I'm not a fan of long-distance relationships, but that doesn't mean I haven't given them a go. When I lived in Australia, I had a boyfriend in New York. When I moved to LA, I tried to keep another east coast relationship afloat (he wasn't into it). My last boyfriend just moved back to Philadelphia, and while we aren't officially together, we aren't completely finished either. 

I was talking with a guy friend about this just yesterday. He doesn't do long distance because he likes having sex too much and he lives in Los Angeles where we, apparently, have the most sex. He says he's known women who are sexual camels, a term first used on Seinfeld to refer to someone who can, upon having sex once, or lots of sex over a short period of time, go a long while before having sex again. For these type of people, long-distance love isn't far out. 

Sure, long-distance relationships can make it tough in the moment, but they're also a chance to get creative.


Skype makes for great phone sex and it's free. Seriously, how awesome is it that you can see and talk with your partner in real time, from anywhere around the world? Pretty awesome! Fine, the screen freezes, the voice doesn't match up, and sometimes calls are dropped for no reason, but when it's good, it's gooood! Skype is a great way to learn how to tell your partner what you like and show him too. And since you can't touch each other, it's the perfect way to talk through a pleasurable self love experience. Not only will you get turned on (I know I do), but you'll learn just how and where to touch next time you're in the same room.  

Try writing a piece of erotic fiction and mailing it to your partner. I know snail mail is so 1994, especially when you can sext, but who doesn't love to receive anything other than bills in the mail? It doesn't have to be long, and it doesn't have to be fiction, although the more imaginative you are, the hotter it can get. Write a quick note, a poem, a juicy fantasy, or remind him of your favorite shared sex moment. It's not only a great way to sharpen your storytelling skills, but it allows for you to explore fantasies that you may otherwise have a hard time talking about. Then the next time you're together, who knows where those ideas will take you. And if writing erotica doesn't work for you, read it together. Pick up two copies of a book by Rachel Kramer Bussel (NSFW), or your favorite erotic author, and take turns reading stories to each other. 

And yes, mailing your panties to your lover is hot. The first thing I do when my partner leaves for a long trip is smell the pillow he slept on or the towel he showered with. Smelling them makes me feel like they're near. The nose is our most powerful sex organ, and while you can't smell your partner from across the ocean, you can keep your scent alive by sending them your smell. Whether it's your perfume on a postcard, or packing a pair of your dirty panties in their suitcase, there's no wrong way to smell I love you. 

Have you ever done the long-distance relationship? What did you do to keep the love alive?

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