The Best Condoms You Won't Even Know Are There

ooo boutique take me condomsCan we all agree that condoms are not the sexiest part of sex? Those awkward fumbling moments of ripping a condom open and sliding it down can be stressful for some of us. Plus, finding a condom that fits AND lets us feel like we're having sex with another warm body can be a challenge.

Fear not, fellow safe sex seekers, the condom market is getting wise to this, too. And because they want you to love, and make love with, their products, there is an ever-growing market of feel-good condoms to try. 


Getting extra points for awesome packing, OOO Boutique condoms are also strong and thin. Their "take me" condoms (above) offer up some frisky spots to have sex, while their "try me" condoms (below) offer suggestions on sex positions.

try me condoms

For years, Crown condoms were my go-to condom. They're super-thin and pale-pink in color and they're the top choice in the adult entertainment industry for reliable, pleasurable sex. I've used these condoms often, and my past boyfriends are genuinely surprised at how good they feel. They're cool because they're one of those condoms that not everyone knows about, making you slick for simply introducing them to your lover. They'll fit any average guy and feel better than most other brands. 

crown condom

Because some folks actually have latex allergies, there's a need to know about non-latex alternatives. The latest trend in non-latex condoms is polyisoprene, a material made out of natural rubber, but produced synthetically. That means it has properties of latex, only without the parts of latex that people are allergic to. Durex makes the Avanti Bare, a condom that, compared to their original non-latex polyurethane Avanti condom, is softer, stretchier, and "more-natural" feeling. 

avanti bare condom

Pleasure Plus condoms bring back that foreskin feeling. They're thicker than the above mentioned condoms, but they add an extra cool factor by having an additional latex pouch designed to re-create the feeling of foreskin. 

pleasure plus condom


What are your favorite condoms? Have you tried any of these yet?

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