Sexting Doesn't Deserve Its Bad Rap

woman sextingWhether you're talking about it in the context of goody-two-shoes stars, like Miley Cyrus or Blake Lively, potentially using it as a way to sex up their image or in reference to Anthony Weiner communicating with his many e-mistresses, sexting gets a bad rap. With every celeb scandal, we find ourselves smacking our foreheads and saying, "When will they learn? No good can come of sending X-rated texts!" But a-ha! That's where we might be horribly WRONG. Because there's a lot of good that can come from getting dirty with technology.

In fact, get this -- a new study concluded that -- surprise, surprise! -- women are far more likely than men to engage in sexting. These ladies definitely know what's up, and I'm sure it shows between the sheets.


It's not that sexting is a substitute for sex. It doesn't even come close, as this same study found that women still prefer face-to-face encounters complete with real physical contact in bed over getting horny messages on their iPhones. (Duh.) But it is an awesome way to engage in foreplay with your partner, to set the mood for later, to plant a seed/an idea, so things are more likely to play out as per your desires later on.

All it is is using modern technology to get your partner turned on or -- depending on the situation -- get them off. The whole act of putting your desire into words or taking a sexy photo and hitting "send" to launch them out into the world onto via cellphone ... it can be a real turn-on. What's more, it can serve to strengthen the sexual communication in a relationship.

This is why I don't get why we're so down on it, so judgy about it, so nervous that it's "risqué" or only useful in a cheating scenario. In a way, it feels like sexting has become the new crazy thing -- taking the place of something like discovering luxury sex toys, which was "the new crazy thing" back before Sex & the City was syndicated. But it's not that crazy, people! (No crazier than phone sex or cybersex ever was.)

But of course, there will always be people who misuse or abuse something sexy and find themselves in an embarrassing situation. That's why I'm a fan of Reese Witherspoon's advice -- "If you take naked pictures of yourself on your cell phone, you hide your face, people." And that's all there is to it. If someone catches wind of your sexy messages to your hubby, BF or hook-up, pfft - let 'em! There's nothing wrong with expressing yourself over hot and steamy text -- you just have to be smart about it.

Do you think sexting deserves its bad rap?



Image via Funkdooby/Flickr

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