Father's Day Debate: Did You Marry Your Dad?

father and sonLots of people joke that we are destined to marry someone like our dad — and when I was younger I thought "no way is that going to happen!" Not because there was anything wrong with my dad ... in fact, he was a very okay dad from a teenage girls point of view. Yeah, it was annoying that he sang every. single. morning. Mainly because it was my inheriting this very singing ability that got me rejected from Glee Club in 2nd grade! And it was slightly embarrassing when, at 13, I found a great red, black, and white winter coat that my dad liked so much he went and bought for himself. Yes, the. exact. same. coat. Torture for a teenager!

But ... marry someone like my dad? Phewy. Never!  I DID NOT want to marry someone like my dad. He made me listen to 50's music and watch cowboy movies. My future husband was going to be way cooler than my dad!  And then it happened ...


I married someone like my dad. Not exactly the same of course. My husband is a little taller and has better hair. And to be fair to my dad, he's never missed an exit because he just got lost in his thoughts; my husband has done that countless times. But the similarities are unquestionable:

1) They were both born on the same day, exactly 30 years apart.

2) At the time I met my now-husband he was working in the stock market (but has since, thankfully, changed careers) and so was my dad.

3) My dad has owned Honda Civics for as long as I can remember; my husband is currently still driving around in his prized, 1994, Toyota Camry. They are, essentially, the same freaking car.

4) Neither of them will ever let you down. If they say they are going to do something for you or with you — you can be damn sure it will happen.

5) Both were more than willing to change diapers (though my mom says my dad was wayyyy more willing to change his grand-children's diapers than he was when I was a baby!)

6) They both are easily obsessed with whatever their new "thing" of the moment is. Currently that "thing" is Words for Friends. Literally. Day and Night. Day and Night. Though my dad can use some more people to play with, so feel free to hit him up. Username: Davaut

7) They are both great communicators, in that they speak their minds but are also more than willing to talk and work things out. And with good communication, a long marriage is made a little easier. My parents will celebrate their 45th anniversary next week. My husband and I hope to be there one day too.

8) They are both amazing father's. I watch my husband wrestle with our kids and I have flashbacks to when my dad wrestled with my brothers and I. The laughter is contagious and the bumps are still easily healed with an ice-pack!

9) They put their family first, in front of work, in front of themselves.

10) Yes, they both can't sing. Sorry honey. Hopefully our kids will be a little less tone-deaf??

Inevitably, over the years, my father and my husband have taught each other a thing or two ... but my favorite is something my husband has taught my dad. He's taught him to hug. I don't mean just a little "lean in and pat" kind of hug ... I mean, he's taught him how to HUG! And now every single morning my two little ones give their grandpa the biggest hugs you can imagine. And it warms my heart to see them do that with the same man that used to tuck me in at night.

So, you see, I married my dad. And it worked out better than okay!


Did you marry someone like your dad?

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