Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Bring Back Cheesy Love Statements

justin therouxI don't think I'd wear an engagement nor a wedding ring on my left hand until I was, you know, engaged or married. Do you think Jennifer Aniston and I think alike? I've always thought we could be friends. Anyway, she and boyfriend Justin Theroux were spotted leaving NYC's Gramercy Hotel each wearing gold bands on their left ring fingers.

What the heck is going on. Is this a cheesy display of couple-dom, or are they getting hitched? These two, who've been dating since March, are moving a little fast for my taste. Slow 'er down, guys, what's the rush? Are your rings a pre-teen symbol of a pre-engagement?


They're more than welcome to live their lives however they choose, and honestly I'm happy for Jen! That whole John Mayer phase was a waste and I'm glad to see her in love with someone who's not, well, John Mayer.

I just think they're either playing with us via the photographers who caught them wearing the rings in plain sight, or they're playing with their own emotions. The teen pinning trend from the '50s comes to mind -- is this their way of announcing to the whole school world that they're going steady? And why they would need to make a proclamation like that is beyond me. Jenny's 42. Not 12. She's a successful, smart, and lovely woman -- why is she succumbing to these old fashioned displays of togetherness?

If they're not married or engaged, I say take the rings off. Leave that piece of jewelry, and that finger, for the day when it actually means something. I really hope they don't get matching tattoos next. That ish is permanent.

Do you think this is a cheesy childish love statement, or what?

Photo via david_shankbone/Flickr

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