Agreeing With Your Husband Makes Your Marriage Boring

Ever been out to dinner with that couple? The couple who tells you how they both just read The Help for their book club (yup, they are in it together). The couple who quotes Desperate Housewives at the same time because they never miss it and watch it together. The couple who just planted six rose bushes together and are figuring out what to put in the little area by their garage. Yes, the couple that does everything together, agrees on everything? That, to me, sounds boooorrrrinnnng. Maybe I'm just channeling my inner Elaine from Seinfeld, a bit cynical, but c'mon! It's like Welcome to Snoresville.  

My husband and I don't agree on many things. Let me rephrase: we don't agree on much of anything. And I love it.


Of course, we agree on the big things: love, commitment, how to raise Kiddo, blah blah blah. I'm talking the other bits of Life, the things that make up the fabric of your day-to-day. We have debates over what to watch on TV. We argue about what should be the next movie in our Netflix queue. We flip a coin to decide what to order in on Saturday nights. 

Sometimes I get my way; other times I don't. I love this. Okay, for a moment, I am pissed, but 98 percent of the time, when we are halfway through a movie I didn't really want to watch, I find myself enjoying it. As I am on my third bite of my dinner I really wasn't in the mood for, I realize it's hitting the spot. Yup, not agreeing all of the time, having different interests, different preferences gets each of us outside of our usual M.O., outside of our comfort zone, which is an awesome thing, people.

It's good to disagree sometimes, really, and then be game to try something new -- if only with the intention of proving the other wrong. You'll be surprised how often you will end up liking that something that is new! What he has learned he likes because of me: So You Think You Can Dance, ready-made Jell-O pudding, Percy Jackson and the Olympians YA series, all things Oprah. What I have learned I like because of him: quirky indie films, Indian food, Neal Stephenson novels, Bill Maher. 

Do you and your husband love the same or different things?


Image via istolethetv/Flickr

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