Why Women SHOULD Marry Hot Men

Jimmy Soul once famously told men that if they wanted to be happy, all they had to do was choose an unattractive partner, and now one writer has said the same thing to Huma Abedin. Fresh off the scandal with her husband Congressman Anthony Weiner whose sexts and penis photos have now been seen around the world, Abedin is taking flak for choosing a "hot" husband.

Let's say for argument's sake that Weiner is hot (I disagree), then how is it Abedin's fault? Any woman would be attracted to an attractive man, right? This isn't shocking news. And yet Huffington Post writer Vicki Larson seems to think it is. She suggests that Abedin's main mistake (as if she made one) was that she married an attractive man, suggesting that all things considered, ugly men make the best spouses.


I will give her that she's sort of right. Among the marriages I know, guys who feel less than adequate -- whether they're shorter or fatter or balder -- generally do appreciate their wives more. But that doesn't mean that we women ought to ignore attraction and go for ugly men just to keep them from emailing photos of their junk.

The fact is, "looks" are relative and are only part of the equation. If Abedin was into Weiner, it was likely as much about his charisma, power, and intelligence as it was about his looks. If that is the case, then should women be with men who don't have jobs AND aren't cute, just to be safe?

Since when are we blaming the women for the mistakes of the men anyway? It isn't Abedin's fault that her husband is a narcissistic fool who had no problem hurting his wife and the American people all so he could engage in a little online nookie. That isn't a compulsion that comes from his looks. That one comes from some place much, much deeper.

Besides, even an ugly man can still be desirable to someone. So, ladies, pick the man you're attracted to. Personally, I find my husband unbelievably sexy and, while yes, I am aware other women have and do desire him, I don't worry that he would cheat on me. He isn't wired to cheat on his wife because he is a loyal, smart, and good guy.

And he's pretty hot, too.

Do you think women should marry only ugly men?


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