The One Color That Makes Sex Life Hotter

matadorA new study has found that the color red has a powerful effect on our mind. When we see it, our reactions become faster and stronger. The study was brought to us by the Emotion Journal; not, interestingly enough, the Color Red on Sesame Street. The analysis concludes that we interpret red as a danger cue and thus our senses and reaction times are heightened.

Scientists suggest that these results may have interesting implications for sports that require short, sudden bursts of energy (like weight-lifting), but who cares about that?

I think there's something else in our lives that could benefit from short bursts of energy and intensity, don't you? Wink wink.


If the research is there, why not take advantage? We can totally apply this science to our bedroom behavior. If seeing red is going to give us a little boost, a little something something extra between the sheets, then let the redecorating begin! Here are five red items to consider for your boudoir.

A sexy, dare I say, suggestive, red lamp, $54

Red shag carpet, baby. Prices vary.

Red satin sheets, of course, $18

Red lace bra, $80
Red velvet curtains, naturally, $25

What red items would you like in your bedroom?

Photo via J/Flickr

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