The Unexpected Way a Camera Spices Up Your Love Life

Are things a little lacking in the bed department? Do you and your honey need to reconnect? Who doesn't need a little oomph in the love area. Especially when you are so busy with work during the week, keeping up with the yard and home crap on the weekends ... and dealing with the kids, well, every day.

We've got a little hint for you. Go grab your iPhone, snatch the digital camera, and do something only the two of you can do ... and snap away. You hearing wonk-a-chica-wah-wow?


Oh, stop it. I'm not talking sex photos. I'm not talking making an "ohlalala" tape. I'm talking about just taking a picture of you and your husband, a lovely couple photo. Think about the last time you two took a picture together. Just the two of you. Right, you can't remember can you?

I don't remember the last time my husband and I took a picture together. I looked on my phone. I looked in our iPhoto. We haven't taken a picture, just as a couple, in six years. Seriously, tons from dating time, before and after our wedding, but nada, zip, zero of the two of us in long while.

Is that a telling sign of anything? Yeah, we aren't spending enough time together. Not even doing stuff where we are snuggly and cuddly and lovey, because, heck, I'd even take just doing a fun activity where we look halfway decent and Kiddo isn't around. Doing stuff together is the a-number-one way to reconnect with your significant other. Doesn't have to be epic or cost a lot of money. Just spending time with each other, focused on each other or on doing something as a couple (other than raising those kids) is the solution to most minor bumps in the marriage road.

And when you take a picture of the two of you while you're doing that, one you can look back on, maybe when he's not around, it makes you feel that connection again. Yup, that camera is totally worth the money you spent.

When was the last time you and your husband took a photo together?


Image via BigTallGuy/Flickr

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