Graffiti Mural May Be Most Awesome Marriage Proposal Ever (VIDEO)

There are so many ways to propose now that it almost seems impossible to be original anymore. Flash mob proposal? Check. Random dude in box proposal? Check. It's pretty hard for a guy to be unique anymore.

But one guy in New York City still managed to surprise and delight his girlfriend (now fiancee) with a proposal that seems perfectly for fitting for them and, more specifically, for her.

The graffiti mural was created just for her and combines her love of Scrabble with her love of street art and even had a picture of her dog. That's love! See below:


You can tell a lot about a couple by the way they decide to get married, and this is the kind of proposal that spells longevity. He took the time to incorporate her loves, which means he has been listening.

He did the things that were important to her and he surprised her with it in the best way he could. That is real love and the look on her face tells me she will do the same. This couple will make it!

What do you think of this proposal?


Image via YouTube

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