Evidence That E Harmony Is Full of Cat-Loving Freaks (VIDEO)

e harmony videoI always just assumed the online dating world was scary. Now I have video evidence. In what may either be an acceptable display of comedic interpretation or an exhibition of an alarmingly low sense of self awareness, Debbie the Cat Lover pours her heart and soul into her E-Harmony profile video.

Things start out normal enough -- Debbie explains that she's never tried online dating before and how nervous she is about it. Sure, her voice makes her sound like she's a love-struck fourth grader, but hey, Debbie is an attractive blonde and what-do-you-know -- she's got an MBA from Villanova, too. She's got some things going for her!

Then Debbie loses control in the funniest and saddest way possible. Let me warn you there's mention of hugging every cat in the world, and there's a lot of crying.


I really really really hope this is a joke. Because if it isn't, it wouldn't appear from the video that Debbie would be one to have a sense of humor, or sense of self-deprecation, or really any sense of what the heck is going on, to deal with this sort of attention and, yeah, ridicule.

Without further comment, let me tease you with some wonderful Debbie-isms to prepare you for her two-minute video. Ahem. Here we go:

On her one true love, cats, Debbie weeps: "I just love them and I want them and I want them in a basket and I want little bow ties."

And: "I want them to be on a rainbow and in my bed. I just want a house full of them and I just want us to roll around."

I ... this is a joke. It has to be. Watch and let me know what you think!

Also, any online dating horror stories you'd like to share?


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