Shocking Benefits to Having an Orgasm

orgasm face waxmanSure orgasms aren’t necessary for satisfying sex, but there’s definitely good reason for receiving pleasure in our busy lives. Even when we're way too busy and we order take-out instead of cooking, we should never do this with orgasm. 

The benefits of orgasms, or even working towards having the big O, are way worth the few minutes it can take to have one. And if hands don’t work fast enough, think vibrators. And the reason it's important isn't just pleasure, there are even more amazing benefits.


Orgasms are good for your health and one of the reasons is that when we orgasm we release hormones, including oxytocin and vasopressin. Oxytocin equals relaxation, and when released it can help us calm down and feel euphoric. Oxytocin is also released during childbirth and after breastfeeding. When it comes to orgasm, oxytocin is pivotal helping us feel well, long after the “take me away” moment has passed. That’s because orgasms can make us happy. The electric impulses that result from orgasm stir things up in the deep limbic parts of the brain, allowing orgasms to work as an anti-depressant and a pain reliever. FYI, being on anti-depressants can inhibit orgasms, too. 

Orgasms can actually make you look younger. According to a 1999 study done by David Weeks, a clinical neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital and author of the book Secrets of the SuperYoung, genetics is only responsible for 25 percent of how we look. After studying 3,500 men and women, Dr. Weeks concluded that people who had one or two orgasms a week looked around 10 years younger than those who didn't. Sexual activity in women releases human growth hormone, which helps us maintain our girlish looks.

Orgasms can help you lose weight since both heart rate and blood pressure double as you burn calories. Men’s Health magazine has called the bed the “single greatest piece of exercise equipment ever invented.”

It’s only natural to want to feel good, and sexual release is one way to get to your happy place. And remember, fetuses have been monitored masturbating in utero, meaning that sexual pleasure (and orgasm) is a natural and innate part of who we are and how we feel good. Not feeling guilty about taking the time to take care of yourself is natural, too.

Do you agree with these orgasm benefits?


Image via Brian Yetzer

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