Kim Kardashian Could Teach Us a Few Things About Marriage

kim kardashian kris humphriesThere's a lot to keep up with with those darn Kardashians. If one's not getting married, it's another. If one's not pregnant, it's another. If one's ass isn't the subject of paparazzi shots, it's ... nope, that's always Kim. Anyway, the latest K clan news is that Kim Kardashian is signing a pre-nup before she marries basketball star Kris Humphries. (Question: If Kim's ex Reggie Bush's name was Keggie Bush, do you think they'd be getting married now instead?)

The pre-nup debate is generally a heated one, but I think Kim's doing the right thing here. She's worth $35 million compared to his $8 million and they've only known each other a matter of months. If they were to get a divorce without a pre-nup (I'm being so generous here using the word "if"), Kris would walk away with some serious Kardashian kash.

Is getting out the pens, paper, and lawyers before a blessed union a romance killer or a practical must?


I think pre-nups, like delicious wedding cakes, are a must. And to clarify, I would feel the exact same way if Kris was worth more than Kim. Doesn't matter who's got the moola, protection and practicality is the name of the game. Even for everyday folks like us.

Maybe Kim saw how sister Khloe negotiated her pre-nup before marrying Lamar Odom back in 2009 and was inspired. It's reported that in the case of a divorce, Khloe will get $500,000 a year for each year they were married, $25,000 a month in spousal support, and a bevy of homes and luxury cars. Pretty sweet deal.

When I read that Kim was getting one with Kris, it made me respect her a little more. Some say pre-nups take all the romance out of marriage and turn it into a business deal, but that doesn't bother me. A strong relationship is a strong partnership is a strong establishment is a strong corporation. No one thinks marriage is all kisses and giggles (except maybe some of those Teen Moms) so why not sort things out like business partners up-front to prevent any future hassle if things go south? If you can't talk about money before you're even married, I don't think that bodes well for the rest of your wedded life.

Kudos to Kim and Kris. Kongrats on the engagement and pre-nup!

What are your thoughts on pre-nups?

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