I Will Poop in Front of My Husband But Not Wax

plucking eyebrowsI'm considering dyeing my hair. I'm pretty gray for a 39-year-old. But I hate to add another thing to my list. My list of upkeep. I'm finding it takes a bit of upkeep, a bit of "Mama's doing her thing in the bathroom" time every once and a while to look decent these days. However, when you have only one bathroom, that means my husband sees the "work in progress." Talk about taking the mystery out of a marriage. Whether plucking the ol' eyebrows or shaving or clipping the toenails, he sees it all ... well, almost everything.


Now I have fully admitted to you all that I poop and pee and toot in front of my husband, but there are some grooming things I just feel a bit uncomfortable about sharing with him ... crazy, right? I have no clue why, but I have a hard time showing him the, ahem, facial hair maintenance we ladies do at home. Waxing the upper lip. There are lucky folks who don't have to do this, and there are some who do it at a salon, so this dilemma may not pertain to you. Because of time and money, I do it at home. He has seen it -- not often and I usually try keep it from him.

I know it is odd, I know this is weird on my part. Why should that lip thing be any different than eyebrow plucking? Why can I poop in front of him, yet he can't see me with crap on my upper lip? It isn't like he doesn't know I do it -- it isn't like any guy doesn't know we do stuff like this.

Do you let your husband see you "groom"?


Image via vmiramontes/Flickr

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