7 Reasons Married Sex Is Better

Marriage and married sex both get bum raps a lot of the time. Movies and sitcoms always feature the beaten-down married man who isn't getting enough nookie hating his life. Meanwhile, his shrew of a wife is usually busy shopping or doing something other than thinking about the man she is tired of having sex with.

After years of marriage, it's true. You can take one another for granted and that sheen is worn off a bit. A married couple is probably not going to have sex like they did when they were 25 and everything was new and exciting.

Back then it may have been anything goes -- late to dinner because you were too busy making out, embarrassing your friends with your constant PDA. Now, you may be more accustomed to one another's bodies and not as ignited by them. But married sex/long-term commitment sex is still extremely hot. Here are 7 reasons why married sex is the best sex:

  • Worry-free: OK, yes, there is the occasional horror story from someone who knows someone whose husband gave them AIDS when she thought they were monogamous. But generally speaking, many women CAN trust their spouses and so they CAN ditch the condoms and really enjoy sex without the concerns of an STD.
  • Knowing each other's bods: By the time you get married, you usually have a pretty good sense of where the other person likes to be touched, what they hate, and what they dig. That information is what makes sex truly unique and awesome.
  • Comfort: When something embarrassing happens, you can laugh with your spouse, ask for things you may have been afraid to ask for before, and generally feel comfortable with a variety of things you may not have before.
  • Different styles: Before you know someone well, sometimes sex can be a bit rigid (pun intended). Sure, it can be passionate and hot, but it's rarely loving and emotional, silly and playful, or even quick and dirty. There are many different ways to have sex and an active married couple usually ends up exploring them all.
  • Intimacy: Having sex with someone for years and years leads to a comfort zone unlike any other. That closeness and comfort are what make intimacy. Intimacy, of course, is the very best part of married sex.
  • Creativity: Stamping out boredom means trying new things. Kids add another dimension to this once they're in the picture. Gone is the nightly window for sex, so now you do it in the day, during naptime on the couch, or on the boat when your parents are watching the kids or in the car when you have a sitter. It's hot to be creative together.
  • Experimenting: When you're together for a long time, the best case scenario is you try new things. You work up the courage (together) to go into that porn shop or do that one thing you always wanted to try but were afraid to ask for.

Why do you think married/committed sex is better?


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