Love Really IS Blind and Also Scentless

porcelin skunkWe all see men and women together -- even women and women and men and men -- and think what is he or she doing with him or her?! How did HE get a girl so hot? Why is she dating that guy? We pass judgement based on people's looks and even how they act. Hell, last week I questioned what Huma Abedin saw in Anthony Weiner ... and now that I see and learn even MORE of him, I question it even MORE. So, yeah. Love really is blind. When we l-o-v-e someone we are blind to their so-called faults. But it's also scentless.

About a gazillion years ago my sister was dating a handsome young man who we'll call Toe-jam -- just because. Well Toe-jam, like I said, was cute, longish blond hair, Mr. Creative type, the perfect match for my sketch pad carrying sister. Except my sketch pad carrying sister was a half hour shower taker who used enough soap in one cleansing session to wash all eight of Kate Gosselin's kids. So what was Miss Smell Good doing with Toe-jam, the stinkiest kid in art school?


My mom, in her Queens, NY, accent, said it best: Love is scentless. It has to be because the name I gave Toe-jam was given to him for a distinct reason -- his feet smelled. BAD. His body smelled. BAD. His scent entered the room before he did. He was cute as a button but as stinky as the water you forgot to change in your vase of flowers. Stinkier than the scent of your septum piercing when you moved the hoop just a little. Smellier than a crowded NYC subway station on a 90-degree day during rush hour. He had under armpit horrifying smelly smell all over. The kid stunk.

But my sister didn't smell the stank. Instead, she loved him.

So you know how when your lover/husband/partner kinda has a funk going on and while you may even say, GOSH! Take a damn shower, will you? you don't really mind the stink that much? Welp, that's love. True love. Which leads me to thinking about our own special odors. You know, it's summer, we sweat, we feel stinky, we use "I'm stinky" as an excuse not to have sex or cuddle close, but in reality, if you are in true lovely love, none of that matters. We should stop being uptight about a little eau de pee-u and remember that love is blind and scentless and that sweet lovin' should never take a detour because of a little stink. Think you can do it?

Do you think you can weather the stink? Do you believe love is blind and scentless?


Image via Invisible Hour/Flickr

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