Living In Your Parents' House Could Doom Your Marriage

kensingtonPrince William and Kate Middleton have finally decided on a permanent residence. By the end of June, the newlyweds will be moving into a two-bedroom apartment in Kensington Palace -- which, if you're well-versed in the subject of royals, you know that this is where William grew up with his mother, Princess Diana.

The couple has been spending most of their time shacking up at a $1,200 a month farmhouse in Northern Wales, near William's work. And when in London, they've been staying at Clarence House, which also happens to be where Prince Charles, Camilla, and Prince Harry happen to reside.

Seems like it's a good time to get their own London pad. But is it weird that they're going to be living where Princess Di did? And that they've essentially been living with William's brother?


It's a dilemma lots of married couples have to deal with. Be it because of money, or a house not being ready, staying with one set of parents after getting married isn't all that uncommon. I, personally, had to do it with my husband when we first moved to the east coast from California. I love my family to pieces, but living with my father and sister wasn't exactly the ideal situation after tying the knot.

William and Kate's "living with the 'rents" situation is much different than mine, but Kate still is technically on "Wills' family's turf." And that can be a bit inhibiting if you just got married. You can't establish your own routines, decorate how you'd like, and there's always the possibility of walking in on Harry in his underwear. Just ask my husband (he didn't walk in on anyone, but you get what I'm saying).

They found a place, though, so this won't be a problem much longer. But what about where they're moving? Part of me thinks it's terribly sweet that William will be living in his childhood home, but another part of me feels a little sorry for Kate. It will never really be her home. It will always kind of be Di's.

This leads me to another point -- buying your parents' (or your spouses' parents) homes. I'm against it. Unless it's a home that's been in the family for generations, that's the place your parents made memories. Find your own! I would hate to be the person to roll into my husband's parents place, rip up all the floors, add an island to the kitchen, and for the love of God, throw out all those ridiculous toilet seat covers! It's basically just a really expnsive way of saying, "Your taste sucks." And if the situation were different -- and said parents had passed -- I don't know, I would still want to build a home of my own and make memories just as they did.

Kate seems laid back, though. She's a go-with-the-flow kind of gal. And I guess living in one of the most revered Princess's homes is just part of the gig. I hope she paints if she wants to, though.

Did you live with a set of parents after getting married? What are your thoughts on buying your parents' home?


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