Evidence Is Out: Americans Aren't As Sexy As They Think

sexIf you've never heard of Zoosk, you're forgiven. It's hard to keep track of all the online dating sites these days -- from the classic to the kind you don't tell Mama about. But talk about coming out with a bang. As part of the "social dating community's" push to get their kooky name out there, they're putting out some explosive details on Americans' sexytimes.

Turns out we're kind of, well, prudes. And before you shoot the messenger, it all comes straight from a survey that Zoosk commissioned -- for marketing, natch. America, this is from our own mouths. We're not as sexy as we think we are! Take a look at the proof:


Politics: Here in the states, more than half of Americans out on the dating scene (53 percent) said that learning a politician cheating on their partner would sway their vote. Overseas, not so much. In every other country surveyed, the majority said they didn't care one whit about the private lives of their politicians. In France, for example, a full 80 percent of singles said that's a politician's personal business.

Celebrities: You know that celebrity "safe list" we all go on about? The one we claim is our out from monogamy should Derek Jeter suddenly swoop in and offer to make mad passionate love to us? Yeah, well 80 percent of Americans admit they'd never carry through with it. Don't worry, at least 34 percent of Italians will sacrifice themselves for our celebs.

Open Relationships: Not exactly a raging success anywhere, but we Americans rank second to last on the list of folks who would go for one. Seven percent of folks in the states would give it a try, with only the buttoned-up Brits and Swedes at 6 percent trialing behind us.

Forgiving Cheaters: Hell hath no fury indeed! Sixty-nine percent of Americans say uh uh, no way, hell's gonna freeze over before they forgive a cheater.

OK folks, throw all that into a hat, and I've got to say it: we may not need all these crazy dating sites y'all. We're actually a pretty traditional bunch in these here 50 states. It seems we could just go back to the classic -- sorry Zoosk! -- and get it on with our puritanical lovin'.

What do you think of these findings? Pretty much in line with what you thought? Or not really?

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