25 Reasons Summer Sex Rocks

couple summer sexAhhhh, summer. It's FINALLY here! It's my favorite season by far, and I'm deliriously happy when the sun is blazing, the grass is green, flowers are blooming, and ... it's time for sexy summer sex! I mean, forget spring fever. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day is when it's easier than ever to get turned on and the hottest sex (literally) occurs. Even psychologist Stella Resnick, Ph.D., author of The Pleasure Zone, agrees. She says:

Heat relaxes your muscles, heightens skin sensation, and causes you to slow down and get in touch with your more languid, sultry side.


Here, 25 reasons to love getting it on when the temperature soars ...


1. Like Dr. Resnick says, just the fact that it's hot out can make you hot ... and bothered!

2. Sweat on you alone is ick-tastic. Sweat when you're rubbing against someone else feels sexy.

3. You're already half-naked, thanks to skimpy summerwear.

4. The heat offers a great excuse to experiment with ice cubes during foreplay.

5. There's no better time of the year to have sex on the beach

6. There's no better time of the year to have sex on a boat!

7. The heat and the sweat combine to make the experience all the more animalistic.

8. Too hot outside to do much of anything? Perfect excuse to stay inside in the nice cold A/C ... enjoying time under the cool sheets!

9. Swimsuits offer easy access.

10. Getting to enjoy the sight of the object of your affection in a swimsuit can be a major turn-on in itself.

11. Not having access to A/C may make you sticky, but it also bolsters the secretion of love potion-esque pheromones, which will trigger desire in your partner.

12. You can try sexy new positions in the pool or ocean.

13. Enjoying fresh seafood -- like oysters or clams -- can be an aphrodisiac

14. The cooler the cocktails, the hotter the sex. 

15. A summer road trip is the perfect time to work on that list of places/states you've done it.

16. Wedding season sets the stage for a passionate hook-up with a hot new guy or romantic sex with your one true love. 

17. Watching your guy grill will definitely stoke your inner fire.

18. What better time of the year to indulge in a Brazilian wax?

19. Given Memorial Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day sales, you're sure to get a good deal on a fun new sex toy.

20. Getting all fired up about your favorite baseball team together at a game will definitely energize a home run in bed later on.

21. After a sweaty day outdoors, you've got the perfect excuse to get squeaky clean in a sexy shower together.

22. Popsicles.

23. It's easier -- or a given -- to sleep in the buff.

24. If you go camping, you can do it under the stars.

25. Having sex with the windows wide open can give you a delicious taste of exhibitionism without actually having to go there.

What do you love about sex in the summer?


Image via Pedro Ribeiro Simoes/Flickr

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