A Couple That Poops Together Stays Together

About a decade ago, my husband and I were out to dinner with a big group of friends, all in relationships, married, or engaged, all living together. The subject of the bathroom came up: sharing a bathroom, who has what kind of habits. The question was asked if couples use the crapper in front of each other. Many said yes, they do, maybe not as a first choice, but sometimes you have to go. But there was one couple who said they refused to do any bodily function with the other in the bathroom, refused to even pass gas in front of each other.

I'm just putting it out there. I'm laying it all on the table. I pee, poop, and toot in front of my husband. And I find it weird when couples don't.


Now, really, it isn't like I invite my husband in when I need to go Number Two. I don't say, "C'mon, honey, come and watch me!" But, we have one bathroom. What else am I going to do when he's showering and it just can't wait? Mornings are busy. When three people (Kiddo included) have to all brush their teeth and use the potty before skedaddling out the door and you have only one bathroom, someone is peeing while you are scrubbing those pearly whites. It's just the way it goes.

If there's an invisible "No Person Allowed" element to the bathroom, it seems you truly aren't comfortable with each other -- which is weird in a marriage, not good, doesn't bode well. When you're married, you should feel free to do what you want in front of your spouse. He or she should be the one person that you should never be embarrassed or uncomfortable around -- including doing what you do on the porcelain throne.

Now, back to that dinner. Many of the couples said they had no qualms at all peeing with someone else in the bathroom, and most would poop in front of each other if it was necessary due to circumstance. All said they knew they were in a serious relationship when they felt comfortable enough to let one rip in front of their partner. And the one couple who never even tooted in front of each other? They split, both with other partners now ... no word on if they've changed their bathroom habits.

Do you poop or pee in front of your husband?


Image via N1NJ4/Flickr


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