At Least Sex Workers Are Honest -- These People Aren't!

international whores day sex workersToday, June 2, was International Whores Day. Although, despite the name, the holiday seems restricted to Australia, a land of contradictions. It's a wondrous country in which female senators must contend with sexist "meow"-ing during debates, while sex workers have an entire day devoted to standing up for their trade. Specifically, the Scarlet Alliance (an organization in Australia that aims to achieve equality, as well as legal and economic justice for sex workers) uses International Whores Day to call on the government to extend anti-discrimination laws to protect sex workers.

Bravo to them!

And it raises an interesting point, which is ... sex workers are women (or men) who are practicing an age-old trade, a simple exchange of sex for money. Meanwhile, there are people who go around acting like total whores in completely non-legit ways! Consider for instance ...


1. The jerk who cut you off on the highway so they could exit just fifteen seconds faster than you.

2. The criminal banksters who deserve to be locked up for completely screwing Main Street USA while getting their big fat bonuses (which they often use to spend on time with actual sex workers).

3. Politicians who take bribe money to sell vacant Senate seats.

4. Politicians who quit their jobs to go on promotional road trips or to do reality TV shows for fame.

5. The woman your ex cheated on you with.

6. Your ex for cheating on you in the first place.

7. Big Pharma. 

8. Government entities that conspire with Big Pharma to keep drugs legal that shouldn't be.

9. Monsanto and other companies that make pesticides and promote GMOs that poison our food.

10. People who wear their fave designer or company's logo splashed all over their clothing or handbag.

11. Athletes with a slew of stupid endorsements.

12. Companies that just slap the words "organic, "all-natural, "gluten-free," "non-fat," etc. on their foods when it means NOTHING.

13. Some filmmakers ... okay, most successful ones.

14. Most actors.

15. Reality stars. Definitely reality stars. Especially anyone who has been a contestant on The Bachelor or Bachelorette.

16. Completely commercially-produced plastic pop stars.

17. Washed-up starlets who trade their now-faux fame card for drugs and entree to VIP clubs. (cough LiLo cough

18. Politicians who cheat on their amazing wives. (Schwarzenegger, Clinton, Edwards, the list goes on and on...)

19. People who constantly update their Facebook statuses/check into FourSquare/are slaves to their text messages or BBMs chronically.

20. Tiger Woods.

Come on now. The above are the real whores in our society -- the ones who actually appear to be deserving of any sort of discrimination, don't ya think?

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