'Hangover 2' Ruins Bachelor Parties for Everyone

There are some sexual taboos that should be broken, and when films feature them, I stand up and cheer. Sex with a Thai transsexual prostitute isn't one of them. It makes you wonder just what goes on at real bachelor parties that we women don't know about.

Those who haven't seen The Hangover, Part II ought not read any further unless you like spoilers. The film, which was released last Friday to great fanfare and box office success, is a followup to the smash film of two years ago, which was uproariously funny in its depiction of four friends -- "The Wolf Pack" -- and their stag party gone wrong in Vegas.

But in Bangkok, the whole thing is much darker. The groom-to-be ends up having sex with a Thai transsexual hooker.


If you know anything about the Thai sex trade, you know that disease is rampant and the implication is that they didn't use protection while they had sex.

Thailand has a booming sex tourism industry, which leads to disturbing amounts of child exploitation and human trafficking. And even those who might be there willingly are much more likely to suffer from various STDs, most frighteningly HIV and AIDS.

Not only was this sex played for laughs, it was then considered a "happy ending" when Stu went home to his fiancee and married her. And while I realize it was meant to be silly and funny, there is nothing very silly and funny to me about a man who has sex with a Thai transsexual hooker the night before he marries a woman who doesn't know.

And even though this is a movie and, obviously, most bachelor parties don't go this way, there is something inherently gross about a bachelor party that includes the exploitation of women (or transsexuals).

Is that really the kind of man you want to marry? Sure, it's funny to go to strip clubs and I see nothing wrong with the traditional strip club route, but the private strippers who I have heard do things club ones won't take it to another level. Sorry to spoil the fun, boys, but any sexual touching (or worse) IS cheating, married or not. And it doesn't bode well for your union.

Sorry to be a party pooper, but I just don't find much funny or romantic or even "happy" about exposing your future bride to STDs and cheating on her the night before you make a lifelong commitment. But then this movie wasn't marketed to me. It was marketed to men who, apparently, are finding it funny.

That makes it even more frightening.

Does the bachelor party bother you?


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