The Real Reason Women Can't Be Friends

If you've ever been around a woman and felt like she was judging you based on your appearance, then you were probably right. She probably was. And it's all about competition for men.

A new study shows that women first size you up (literally) and decide whether you're fatter than them and then they follow a list of other physical things they see in their competition, from breast size to manicures to whether you have any tattoos. Then she files it away and decides who is hotter. OK, I'm making up the last part, but seriously, is there any other way to take this news?

This is all about competition for men. Women can be so catty and mean and it's all because of men. What would it be like if we just dropped that?


According to the study, eight in ten women admitted that they judged other women when they met them for the first time, although one in six claimed they didn't mean to. Meanwhile 54 percent said they first looked at the size of a woman’s waist; 45 percent said they checked whether they wore too much makeup.

So if you ever got the sense that you were being sized up by the women in the room, that is probably because you were. Almost definitely.

Unfortunately, this kind of behavior hurts female friendship. After all, who really wants to hang out with someone who thinks they're fat. And if you're the thinner one? Well, then you can really forget it.

The women told the Daily Mail that they weren't competing for men, but in the end, that is what it all comes down to. We're all just peacocks strutting our feathers for the opposite sex, only in our species, unlike the peacock, it's the female who sports the bling-bling. But this kind of behavior undermines female friendship.

For anyone who has ever had a fight with a friend over a guy in one way or another, whether you thought she was too flirtatious with your man or she thought you shouldn't have worn that low cut top when you know her boyfriend is a boob man, this is the study that proves it. And honestly? What woman hasn't experienced it?

When people say that friendship is more important than relationships, they're telling the truth. It really is. Unfortunately, women are so busy competing against one another, we can't see it.

Do you ever compete with women for male attention?

Image via BBM Explorer/Flickr

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