Obama Condom Makes Me Want to Just Say 'No'

Here's a question you probably thought no one would ever ask you: Would seeing Barack Obama's face on a condom wrapper make you more or less likely to want to get down and dirty? For me the answer is simple: Far, far less.

For one street vendor in New York City, selling condoms with Obama's face and the message,"Hope is not a form of protection" has turned into a problem. He was arrested last week for selling the condoms for the third time in one year.

He is defending his right to free speech and to continue peddling the prophylactics. His message:


It's the election, erection for your protection. It's the ultimate stimulus package for hard times.

Now, I don't know about you, but when I am in the mood, the last thing I want to think about is the bad economy or what our president is doing. Don't get me wrong. I love our President, but the act of ripping into his face while I am in an intimate moment with my spouse is not exactly an aphrodisiac. I don't get turned on while watching him on CNN and quite frankly, there have been sexier Presidents (Bill Clinton, I am looking at you!).

Besides, I have a pretty strict policy about not trusting politicians. I feel like I couldn't use the condom of a politician without getting lied to in some way. The fact is, I am sure it is a novelty condom, used for fun more than for actual pregnancy and STD protection. But all the same, I am going to go ahead and advise most people to stick with Trojans.

Would you use an Obama condom?

Image via andinarvaez's photostream/Flickr

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