Working From Home May Save Your Marriage

commutingThe commute. The time it takes from the front door of your abode to your desk at the office ... and back. No one I know likes their commute. If you take mass transit, sure, you can catch up on reading or do the crossword puzzle or become a Sudoku expert. If you drive, well, then it is your time to listen to talk radio, I guess. No ways about it, commuting honks the big one, and now a new study says not only is it a pain, it's bad for your marriage.

Researchers say those couples in which one spouse has a long commute are 40 percent more likely to get a divorce. That is a big number, folks. The study says that the commute strains the relationship, causes more stress, especially in the first few years of that commute starting. 

Hmmm, working from home looking more and more like a nice option, huh?


It makes sense. Say your husband is gone for half of the day, missing the kids' bedtime 5 days a week because he has a 2-hour commute, coming home when you are about to crawl into bed. Dude, that would be tough. That would make you -- whether staying at home full time or just if you have a shorter travel time -- a bit none too happy.

So, one would think that working from home would solve all of the problems, right? Funny thing is I just switched up my job situation and now work from home for the first time in my married life. My husband has always worked from home. It is nice, but also proving to be a bit tough. He has his routine set up there during work hours and now I'm crashing his office ... it is an adjustment as well, and who knows, may be a bit tense until we figure out how to co-exist and work side-by-side.

It looks like no matter what the works situation is, work causes tension in marriages. It really leaves only one choice: winning the lottery. Anyone have some lucky numbers?

Do you or your spouse have a long commute?


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