Michelle Obama Gives Single Gals Dating Advice

michelle obama relationship adviceI admit it. I watch The Bachelor (or The Bachelorette, depending on the season). I'm not proud of it, but I do. Something about the eternal search for a love, the search for a soul mate just grabs me and reels me in. In the first few episodes, without fail, one of the contestants, during her one-on-one to the camera, mentions a checklist, a few things that her future husband must have. I don't get the whole checklist thing. I didn't have a checklist and guess what, girls? First Lady Michelle Obama herself agrees you need to crumple up that checklist and toss it in the trash.

If I were single, I'd listen to what she has to say ... I mean, she snagged a pretty good guy.


When someone asks me, 'Why did you marry your husband?", I usually answer something like, "Well, huh, I dunno, we just clicked." And then I mumble, "Oh, and he made me laugh. A lot." I dated many different kinds of guys. I never had a type, I never had a checklist. Wait, okay, I'm wrong. I guess I did have a checklist: no serial killers, no abusers, he needs to have decent grooming habits and he had to make me laugh.

The First Lady went on record saying she had "no idea he would be president." So what did make President Obama attractive?

I knew he was a special person. And it had nothing to do with his education. It had nothing to do with his potential. And I say this to young women: Don't check off—there are a lot of women who have the boxes. Did he go to the right school? What is his income? It was none of that. It was how he felt about his mother; the love that he felt for his mother; his relationship to women; his work ethic ... he wasn't impressed with himself.  And he was funny. And we joked a lot. And he loved his little sister ...

I have always thought Michelle Obama is an uber-smart lady, and this just confirms it again for me. Hey, since Oprah's left afternoon TV, there's that 4 p.m. slot open ... I've got an idea! The First Lady could have her own show, talk about relationship, healthy foods, being a parent. I would so tune in.

Did you have a "checklist" when you were dating?


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