'My Wife Won't Have Sex with Me' Is a Pathetic Excuse to Cheat

mad coupleAwww. Poor Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's not his fault he cheated -- Maria's a prude, apparently, and their marriage was sexless! Well, this changes everything! What else was the poor, neglected guy supposed to do? It's just like when Jesse James justified cheating on Sandra Bullock and compared her (unfavorably) to his new flame's performance in bed (Kat Von D).

We forgive you, Arnold and Jesse ... not!!



Cheating on a spouse is bad enough, but to try to pin the blame on her after you split up ... well, that's just pathetic. And it's not just celebs who try to use this get-out-of-jail-free card; I've heard plenty of everyday men cop the same lame excuse. This is a two-fold offense: First, if sex was really the problem in a couple's marriage, it's safe to say both parties were at fault (maybe she wasn't "in the mood" because he doesn't know what the definition of "foreplay" is). These are issues that both spouses need to be vocal about on a consistent basis, talking through problems as they come up. Second, if a woman's been cheated on, guess what? She already feels like a doormat. To diss her sexual skills after you've already broken her heart is tacky, it's cruel ... it's a big bowl of wrong, that's what it is.

Of course, in the end this kind of behavior has the exact opposite effect of what these guys intended: It makes them look like total d-bags and their wives look like saints. It also makes them look insecure, which makes everyone doubt their sexual skills ("No wonder she didn't want to have sex with you!"). So yeah, go ahead and run your mouth off, Arnie. We'll just snicker about the side effects of all those steroids you did.

Should cheating husbands keep their mouths shut?

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