5 Things Men Do in Summer That Are a Major Turn On

turn-onA turn-on ... what makes you go all gooey inside, gets you feeling a little flushed, makes you a bit hot and bothered. I'm not talking when the air-conditioner breaks and you're hot and the ice pack you had on your neck has melted. I'm talking those things that you see your man do that, well, reminds you as to why you married him and why you like to sleep with him -- literally and in the Biblical sense. Turn-ons.

Yesterday, we rounded up summer-specific turn-offs our men do ... now, we have the fun part. Let's look at some turn-ons.


He packs the trunk like a Sensei Master -- You're heading for a mini-vacation to the beach. You don't have a lot of gear ... you have a ginormous amount of gear. Somehow, some Dad gene clicks in, and your husband manages to fit it all into the back of the car. His prowess with spatial relations is sexy and practical.

He mans the grill like your own personal Bobby Flay -- Seeing him through the backdoor, standing on the patio, beer in one hand, tongs in the other just seems right. Maybe he's more relaxed, which makes him more attractive (stress is not pretty on a man or a woman). Maybe it's the yummy aroma of grilled veggies. Maybe it's that when he grills, you don't have as many dishes to do. Doesn't matter. Man plus grill equals sexy. 

He wears those cute madras shorts -- Oh, those wacky plaids! I love madras shorts on a guy. They hang a little longer, they have a bit of wit to them -- and wit is always sexy. Paired just with a white t-shirt, when a guy wears them, it's as if he's saying, "I am confident enough to wear these weird-colored shorts." 

He plays at the beach with Kiddo -- Watching my husband play with Kiddo is always a turn-on, but mix in the sun, the beach air, the two of them discovering some shells or chasing waves just magnifies his attractiveness. Granted, watching them play means I have to wake up from my lovely nap on the beach, but you get the idea.

He kills the bugs -- Summer brings out the creepy-crawlies. I hate the creepy-crawlies. He is my knight, my savior when it comes to rescuing me from a close encounter of a multi-legged kind. Armed with a shoe or rolled-up magazine, doesn't matter. As the evil critter is squashed, his sexy meter score rises to the top.

What does your guy do that's a turn-on in the summer?


Image via kdinuraj/Flickr

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