Your Guy Thinks 'The Hangover II' Is Funnier Than You

hangover IIUndoubtedly, this weekend, hordes of couples will be heading to the movie theater to see The Hangover Part II. I know my boyfriend and I will be among them. I'm sure our reunion with the Wolf Pack will be hilarious, but what's also funny to me is that it turns out the same "guy humor" that makes up the bulk of the script is what our men are looking for from us ... all the time.

At least, that's what eHarmony claims. When they polled 800,000 men and women about what makes 'em laugh, they found that guys go for "women who use 'guy humor' -- sarcastic, juvenile, geeky, or raw," while we prefer "guys who use 'gal humor' -- sarcastic, dry, or ironic." So I guess we're all actually GAY!?

Alright, not really -- but if this is actually true, it's a bit disheartening!


It just seems to reiterate the fact that in certain ways, at least when it comes to sense of humor, we're different. In turn, sometimes there's a communication gap between us. It's gotta make it even more challenging to bridge that gap if we're expecting our men to deliver what we get from our girlfriends (or gay guy friends), or if guys are expecting us to joke around like their frat buddies.

No offense to my boyfriend who adores Will Ferrell and Judd Apatow flicks, but I'm not going to try my hand at a Ron Burgundy impression. I just don't usually do juvenile, geeky, or raw. I'm sure there are some women who do, but not me. My sense of humor is probably much more 'gal' -- more ironic than sarcastic. But at the same time, my BF laughs at my jokes, and I laugh at his. I don't need him to constantly crack Carrie Bradshaw-isms. I don't think he needs me to dish out my own versions of Dumb & Dumber jokes either.

Maybe the thing is that it's a fantasy for men to find a chick who looks like Minka Kelly and jokes like Jim Norton. And sure, maybe we'd dig a guy who looks like Rob Pattinson and jokes like Tina Fey. But in reality, having that set type as a pre-req is kinda silly, don't you think? 

Our senses of humor are what they are. They've evolved with us as we've become who we are, and there's no reason to try to amend or alter or tweak them to fit someone else's "ideal." Case in point: One time I was dating a guy who was constantly sarcastic. I mean, ALWAYS on. I felt like I had to keep up with it, and in the end, I was just exhausted by it. I am not ALWAYS on. I'm not constantly sarcastic. And later, I realized that when it's right, you don't have to try so damn hard. He laughs at your jokes, and you laugh at his, and you make each other happy. 

Yes, even without having to ever crack the occasional fart joke.

What do you think about eHarmony's findings? Do you and your guy have the same sense of humor?


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