5 Things Men Do in Summer That Are a Major Turn Off

speedo turnoffI love summertime. It's the time of year with the smell of L-O-V-E in the air. I feel closer to my man when it's warm outside. Is it because we're wearing less clothes, in better moods with the sunshiny vitamin D, maybe some weird love potions are in the sunscreen bottle? Who knows, but for those in relationships or those looking for a hot romance, summer and everything about it is the perfect time to get some lovey-dovey mojo going. So what do guys do in the summertime to turn us on ... and turn us off?

Today and tomorrow, we'll look at some classic things men do when the weather heats up that float our romance boat and those that sink our sexy ship.

First up, turn-offs.


He gets a "farmer tan" -- We gals know how hard it is to have a wonko tan line, but our men get the worse kind when they work out in the yard or go golfing. The farmer tan is just about as pleasing to look at as my cottage-cheese thighs. You know it when you see it: tan or red-tinged arms from right above the elbow to the wrist, tan neck and face ... and pale everywhere else.

He turns into a crazy baseball freak -- Yelling at the TV, constantly having on ESPN radio when you are driving anywhere, trust me, it really doesn't do it for your lady. I know men (and women) love their teams. Why is it a turn-off? First, baseball games take sooooo long. By the time you are done watching it, I am in bed, off to Dreamland. Second, when it's nice outside, skipping a picnic or staying inside on a beautiful afternoon to watch the game is a huge romance-buster. So is checking your iPhone every three minutes for the score.

He breaks out the mandals -- I know our men deserve to keep their dogs cool in the summer, but those weird, brown leather, woven, clunky mandals are, well, just ugly. Don't get me started when he wears them with socks. Flip-flips aren't so bad, until you look closer and see his toe hair.

He makes some odd hat choices -- Caps I get. Even some of those cotton fisherman hats can look cute. It's the straw ones I have a problem with, as well as those fedoras that are cropping up everywhere. Really, it's just costume-y, a bit like you're trying too hard to look cool ... trying too hard is always a turn-off.

He dons a Speedo -- Unless a man is competing in a swim meet, Speedos should not be worn. Period. Really. Doesn't matter if it's George Clooney, those tiny-weeny bikini swimsuits on men are just ... just ... okay, sorry, having a hard time concentrating because I keep picturing George Clooney in a Speedo.

What turns you off in the summertime? Check back tomorrow for our top summertime turn-ons!


Image via brainware3000/Flickr

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