Arnold Schwarzenegger (& Other Men) Like Ugly Women

Most normal women take it as a compliment when a man wants to take them to bed. It makes them feel pretty, sexy, and attractive to get male attention. Well, ladies, I am here to tell you: It's not! Just because a guy wants to put his penis in you, it doesn't mean he thinks you're pretty. In fact, it could mean the opposite.

Don't believe me? Consider the evidence. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the philandering womanizer who stepped out on the lovely Maria Shriver, actually preferred sex with ugly women. Ouch. So not only do you get to be the other woman, you also get to feel like the only reason you were is because you're homely.

Awesome. And I am sure he isn't alone.

The fact is, most men would sleep with a toad given the right amount of liquor and desperation. It's no great compliment to have him drunkenly tell you how much he wants you.


According to a dossier collected by an LA private detective, Schwarzenegger likes unattractive women because "the physical is most important to him and he does not want to be upstaged or lose the spotlight in company of a strikingly beautiful woman." Yowza.

So, all you ladies who built your sense of attractiveness and self worth from the number of men who want to bed you may want to rethink your strategy. I have said before, I'm no fan of casual sex, but talk about feeling cheap. Not only was there no love, there was also no real attraction other than to make himself feel hot?

Ew. It makes me want to drop myself in boiling water. The fact is, many man -- not just Schwarzenegger -- will compromise their standards to get nookie. But he probably won't choose the non-stunner as his girlfriend or wife. Think about it: Is Maria Shriver "ugly"? That would be a no.

I can't say much positive for a woman who would deceive Shriver like that and have sex in her marital bed and be with her husband, unprotected, for years behind her back. But I do feel kind of bad for her (and others) who derive their sense of "hotness" from sex because wow. They couldn't possibly be more wrong.

Do you think men like sex with ugly women?

Image via Caitlyn Willows/Flickr

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