MTV Tackles Young Marriage in New Show & I Can't Wait!

MTV has taken on teen motherhood to the tune of millions of viewers (and dollars) with their highly successful shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. Now they're tackling those who married young with a potential new docu-series called (what else?) Married Young.

As of now, MTV has only ordered one episode, but I would totally watch this. Why not? I have loved the Teen Mom series and been amazed how attached one can become to a person they only watch for an hour.

MTV does a good job of letting the drama unfold and not over-editorializing. And we all know young marriage, hell ANY marriage, is rife with material.


I got engaged to my husband when I was 24 and thought I knew just about everything in the world. Now, eight years later, I am 100 percent convinced that I knew nothing.

A reality show at that time would have shown a desperately immature couple, the woman doing such idiotic things as ripping up all the magazines in the house and piling all of his clothing in the living room while he was at his bachelor party. The man was equally silly, splintering doors by hitting them in anger and forgetting to call the whole night of his party (when he promised! Grrr ...).

On second thought, I am really glad none of that is on film. Luckily my husband and I have grown together and changed and become much more mature (kind of). Still, the melding of two lives, especially two young lives, is never without drama and strife and that will be where the TV gets good.

MTV is really on to something here and I for one can't wait!

Will you watch this?

Image via Video4net/Flickr

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