The Reason You Fight About Cleaning Revealed!

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I like it when my husband and I are home after a long day of work. With the toys to pick up, dishes to do, it goes so much faster when we both pitch in and get it done. It actually makes me feel good, all warm and gooey inside, happier, calmer. Him? Not so much. And now, a study is out that explains this -- it says that women's stress levels go down to a healthy level when husbands are also helping with housework after a day of work.

Great, right? Not really. The study went on to say that men's stress levels went to a healthy level when they were relaxing and their wives were ... wait for it ... busy working. We fold laundry while they sit on their bums and their good, healthier, lower stress level occurs.

SO not fair, right? And this isn't just some guys telling a researcher how they felt. Nope, they got saliva of those surveyed, testing the actual levels of cortisol, that stress hormone-mabab. These are physiological results. This is the real thing. This is not good news.


I mean, we have all heard that decreasing stress in our lives is one of the main ways to stay healthy, ward off sickness, serious illness, have an all-around better life. If his laziness, him sitting on his tush while you pick up Tinker Toy #453 of the day is now proven to decrease his stress, ergo, his laziness is healthy for him ... well, then ... Houston, we have a big problem.

I don't need to stress (no pun intended) the seriousness of this issue. We have to keep this quiet, ladies. We have to keep this study between us girls. If he finds out, Housework Armageddon will happen ... really happen, not like that false mumbo-jumbo end of the world thing. This will be the end of your housework help as you know it. You will have no ground to stand on when arguing about cleaning and his lack of helping.

If he finds out this tidbit of info, the usual "ahem"-head nod combo you give him to come and help clean up the living room will be met with, "Remember what Dr. Leonard said! I have to knock down my stress. I'll be here watching Jeopardy and getting healthy. You want me around for years, right, hon?" And what are you supposed to say to that? 

Do you feel less stressed when he helps out around the house?


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