Lose Religion, Gain Hot Sex: Do Atheists 'Do It' Best?

religion sexHaving a hot sexual connection is pretty much one of the best, most integral aspects of a relationship, marriage, life really. So it would seem like a major shame if people who happen to also have a deep connection to God were missing out. Researchers from Kansas University saying they are. According to their survey of 14,500 people, the more religious you are, the worse your sex life is. And thus, atheists have the best sex.

Why? Well, obviously, religious people don't enjoy their sexual experiences as much due to the stigma created by their uptight belief systems. So much so that they're overcome with intense feelings of regret after an orgasm. (Yeesh! That is a damn shame!) On the other hand, non-believers are said to be more willing to discuss sexual fantasies and are more satisfied with their experiences.

The good news? Converting can help!


Yup, people who abandoned their religious beliefs said their sex lives were "much improved" and rated their new experiences on average as 7.81 out of ten.

So, the lesson here it seems is if you want to have a carefree, XXX-rated time getting tied up in bed, you gotta ditch those spiritual ties!

But hmm ... as easy as it may seem to force people into these two black or white categories -- religious = prude, atheist = sexually liberated -- something about this study just doesn't fully ring true. I'm sure that yes, even in the year 2011, there people who fit the mold they're talking about. (People who have never seen Sex & the City apparently.) But the 14,500 people involved in this study aside, I'm not convinced.

Maybe that's because I can think of some devoutly religious people from across-the-board faiths (Mormon, Jewish, Catholic, Hindu, etc.) who have stellar sex lives with absolutely no guilt. They're among some of the best-laid (ha) people I know. In fact, as far as I know from my own background -- in Judaism, it's considered a mitzvah (or a fulfillment of a commandment, a worthy deed) to satisfy your sexual craving with your spouse out of mutual love and desire.

Plus, I've heard that there are many priests and other spiritual leaders who are all about the very same thing. Just look at the Christian pastor who challenged his married congregants to get it on every night for a week -- then for 30 DAYS! All because he argued that frequent, positive sexual experiences can promote intimacy, communication and emotional bonding. (Duh.)

So, see, Kansas researchers -- spirituality doesn't have to be Kryptonite to sexual satisfaction! Call me overly optimistic, but I believe (pun intended) that having a hot sex life is possible no matter what your faith ... or lack thereof.

Do you believe that being more religious can ruin your sex life?




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