Do You Hate Your Husband’s Hobby?

husband hobbiesYou know she is there. But somehow during the winter months, she doesn't seem to come around, doesn't take him away and eat up his time as much. But, as the weather heats up, you know she will start to creep back into your lives, whisking him away on the weekends, just when you want him around more. I'm not talking about the other woman. I'm talking about your husband's hobby.

Golf, fishing, tinkering in the garage, gardening ... kind of hobby doesn't matter. All that matters is he's AWOL every sunny weekend.


Now, I am not against having hobbies. And it isn't that he doesn't help. But when the two of you have to negotiate the whole Saturday itinerary, it gets annoying. He'll do the whole "I'll cover Sunday morning with the kids so you can sleep in, but have an 8 o'clock tee time on Saturday -- is that cool, hon?" thing ... but, um, you know you have to be up Sunday morning anyway for church. Um, yeah, annoy-ing.

And let's say he is physically around, say his hobby is working in the yard or gardening. It doesn't matter. He's on the property, you can see him, but he's gone. He's conquering brown patches, trimming hedges, pondering the peppers. Even at the dinner table, he's looking out the window, he's thinking about what to put in that empty spot by the back tree between the marigolds and the rose bush. 

In the summertime, right when you are a bit more relaxed, have a bit more time on your hands, that dang hobby creeps in and curls her fingers around his arm (though not when he's taking a putt), and grabs hold of his attention and time. Annoying. Nothing major, nothing huge, just plain annoying. There, I said it.

Does your husband's hobby get more attention in the summertime?


Image via chispita_666/Flickr

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